Thursday, September 25, 2008



I love to skateboard.I have been skating since i was 12 years old. I started to skateboard in the summer. I started to because i always wanted to do t when i was little. My parents will always tell me no you will hurt yourself. So when i finally got older i asked again and they said ok. My mother still did not want me doing it so she would look at me while i would be skating.
The first trick i ever learned is an olie. I do not consider it a trick anymore because ever skater needs to know how to do it in order to survive. The tricks i currently know are kickflip, heelflp, shuvit, Pop-shuvit, 180 olie, frontside shuvit, frontside pop-shuvit, olie on and off the curb, Varial flip, fakie olie, fakie shuvit, fakie frontside shuvt, fakie pop-shvit, fakie frontside pop-shvit, half cab, pivit, nollie, switch olie, nollie shuvit, frontside nollie shuvit, and some other more. I am currently working on tre flip and big spin.

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